Best video NMMA 2017 for Son de la Condenada

Baracutanga won the 1st place on the New Mexico Music Awards 2017. Best Music Video category!


Watch the entire video here:

Written and Directed By: Kilko Paz Rivera
Produced By: Kilko Paz Rivera & Chris A Aguirre
Music by: Kilko Paz Rivera & Baracutanga
Main Acress: Alicia Lueras Maldonado
Humano Productions & Dcoloniza Productions
Avokado Artists

More about Baracutanga:

Filmed on location in and around Albuquerque and Bosque Farms, NM and Juarez, MX, the video, which takes a stand against hate and racism, tells the story of an immigrant woman that leaves her family, belongings and country to migrate from the South (a representation of any region/place labeled as under-developed) to the North (a representation of any region/place labeled as affluent and prosperous). For her, the journey is not about migration to another country just to find work. It is a migration to the North for adventure, knowledge, opportunity, and the kind of friendships she for which she has always longed. La Condenada finds what she is looking for as she makes her way to the United States. Unfortunately she will also discover and endure many hardships and tragedies she never would
have imagined on her journey to a new life.

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“Silver” Sponsor:
Richard L Fox

“Bronze” Sponsors:
Susan San Martin
James Anderson
Rey Griego

All the people that contributed trough our Crowd Funding campaign


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