October 1, 2015
Producer: Kilko Paz-Rivera
Number of discs: 1

Importados features ten original songs, twenty-five musical styles, more than fifty instruments, and was recorded at four different studios in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Cadiz, Spain. With Importados, Baracutanga arranges traditional South American rhythms in innovative ways, such as mixing the Peruvian huayño and Colombian cumbia with Middle-Eastern derbuka and overlaying the Afro-Cuban batá into AfroPeruvian festejo blended with Andian zampoñas, as well as countless other rhythmic combinations. Baracutanga’s seven “importados” are Jackie Zamora, Kilko Paz, Carlos Noboa, Nick Baker, Paul Gonzalez, Randy Sanchez, and Micah Hood. Hip-hop artists Hakim Bellamy and Nick Fury make an appearance on Importados, as does founding vocalist, Ivan Camelo, who now resides in Spain.

Importados songs have already won awards. “Rumba de Burque” won the New Mexico Music Awards’ Albuquerque Song Competition in 2014, “Deja de Matar” received the New Mexico Music Award for “Best Original Arrangement” in 2015 and “Paixao” received the New Mexico Music Award for “Best World Music Song” in 2016

CDs and downloads of Importados are available through CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify plus other online music stores.